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10 Halloween cupcakes you’ll be dying to sink your fangs into

Channel your inner vampire and sink your fangs into these very worthwhile Halloween cupcakes. (Your diet is dead for the day, folks!)

Halloween cupcakes and Halloween cookies are the perfect fit for the trick-or-treat holiday. Just like you can grab a Reese’s, some Bottle Caps, a couple Hershey’s Kisses, and an assortment of Snickers and 3 Musketeers bars when you’re going door to door, cookies and cupcakes are small enough that your guests can grab a little of this and a little of that. After all, your job as Halloween party host is to satisfy all their spooky sugar cravings.

These Halloween cupcakes do exactly that handily. Some even work double-duty and channel some of the classic kid favorite candy bars in their flavor combinations.

We even went monster hunting for the most elusive of Halloween treats: sugar sweet goodies that won’t give the little ones nightmares of goblins that keep them (and you) up all night. So whether you want your party to lean toward witch or werewolf, we’ve got the Halloween cupcake recipes that will have your guests howling in delight.

Click through the slides above to see all the Halloween cupcakes

NOTE: Any decorations or edible toppers you see on the Halloween cupcakes or mentioned in the recipes can be found in a couple places. If you’re not in a time crunch, you can turn to e-commerce sites like Amazon for great deals on the decorations, but you can also make the quick trip to your local crafting store or a chain like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. All of them should have a baking section in which you’ll find all the sprinkles, edible sugar eyes and red food gel you could ever want for dressing up your darling cupcakes to make them look dreadful for the spooky holiday.


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