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10 Ideas for DIY Thanksgiving decor that are easy but impressive

Let’s face it, if you’re playing host at the Thanksgiving table, you can also add arbitrator, home decorator, babysitter and saint to your job description. That’s why we found you ideas for DIY Thanksgiving decor that require much work or dropping much dough — after all, you’re already floating the bill for dinner.

The pressure’s on to be perfect when you’re hosting the annual family event. Anyone who’s done it more than once knows it’s about way more than just dinner. Your nosy aunts and nit-picky mom are sure to comment on everything from the place settings to whatever you have on the mantle — and you can bet on them not missing a messed up napkin folding job.

These ideas for DIY Thanksgiving decor are not only easy to pull off, but also true to the heart of the holiday. You can be sure that mom will be mute when she sees the gorgeous pinecone garland hanging from the front door; she might even ask you where you bought it.

From Mason jars to mood-setting centerpieces, these pieces of DIY Thanksgiving decor homey without feeling harried, honest without being hackneyed. We’re big fans of the thankfulness place settings that are not only gorgeous but also interactive, keeping antsy kids occupied and anxious adults relfecting on the good things in life.

If any of the craft call for something you don’t have on-hand, you’ll easily find whatever you need at a chain crafting store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. If you have enough time before the whole family sits down to Thanksgiving dinner, you can even order your supplies on Amazon. A couple of your supplies are as easy to find as walking in a local park or going into your own backyard.

Click through the gallery above to see all the ideas for DIY Thanksgiving decor.

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