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10 Thanksgiving desserts so good they’ll end family feuds

We know Thanksgiving pie is classic, but is there any need to stop there? Why not whip up a couple extra Thanksgiving desserts that, while untraditional, are undeniably delicious.

We’re not to go so far as to say pie is passe, but it has one major downfall: it comes after dinner. We all know that plenty happens during the day when you’re trying to balance hosting the extended family — that doesn’t necessarily get along — and basting the turkey all while corralling the chaos of little kids running around the house.

So let’s just put it this way: Your living room could be filled with family bickering or happy, quiet munching. The difference between the first and the second? A couple of these easy and addictive Thanksgiving desserts that will keep everyone coming back for more instead of keeping old feuds burning.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing too shocking here. They’re all based on classic cozy flavors from the holiday season, like apple and warm baking spices or pumpkin pie. Most of them are also far less time-consuming than those pies you churn out, so they’re easy to add to the holiday cooking line-up without making you slave over the stove.

Our favorite might just be the pumpkin pie cheesecake dip, which comes together in 10 minutes flat. Set out a spread of cookies (we like speculoos for that warm, spiced flavor) and apple slices for dipping and let the crowd go to work. They’ll be scraping the bottom of the bowl before you know it, and all you did was measure, mix and serve. PS: It really does taste like cheesecake.

But that’s not the only standout in this collection. We have plenty more ideas for sweet and snackable treats and options for everyone, no matter how much time you have (or don’t) for throwing another item together.

Click through the slides above to see the Thanksgiving desserts that will soon become traditions.

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