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10 things to know about ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’

Real Housewives of Dallas
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Everybody’s favorite Bravo franchise is back and tackling a new location. “The Real Housewives of New York City” recently started Season 8. Meanwhile, Beverly Hills is six seasons deep. Now, Dallas, Texas is in the spotlight.

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Here are 10 things we learned from the premiere:

1. Everything really is bigger in Texas — including the drama.
As the ladies say in the beginning of the show, the slogan is totally true. From the egos to the bank accounts, the “go big or go home” attitude is everywhere.

2.They’re into glitz and glamour, not cowboy boots.
“We are far from a hick town and I am far from a Southern belle,”LeeAnne Locken proclaimed during the premiere episode. It’s clear the show is going to turn your perceptions of Texas upside down.

3. Growing up on a carnival can prepare you for anything.
By growing up on a carnival, LeeAnne became well-prepared for life in Dallas society. It exposed her to “the dark side of life” and helped build her work ethic. She’s worked her way up.

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4. Charity work is huge.
Half the time, the ladies seem more focused on the events promoting the charities than the charities themselves. Still, from AIDS to breast cancer, there are certainly plenty of worthwhile causes in the spotlight.

5. Cary and her husband work together.
As Cary Deuber jokes, they create “boobs by Deubs.” Her husband Mark is a well-known plastic surgeon and she works as a nurse. She jokes that when they’re not at the office, she’s the husband and he’s the wife, since he likes to cook and shop.

6. Don’t call it wine. It’s Jesus juice.
Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman love their Jesus juice. This is what they call wine, since Jesus turned water into wine in the Bible. “Life is more fun with Jesus Juice,” Brandi declares.

7. Stephanie and Brandi are the goofiest.
They frequently discuss poop and farts. Brandi eloquently explains, “[Stephanie] will fart on demand and I will dance in her fart.” Out of the group, they’re easily having the most fun.

8. But sometimes Brandi’s fun gets her in trouble.
She loves to impersonate her fellow housewives, but LeeAnne is bothered by the fact that she mimics her. At a party, she and Tiffany Hendra beg to see Brandi’s impressions, but she refuses.

9. Tiffany and her husband met in Hollywood.
But that lifestyle didn’t work out for either of them. Tiffany’s husband Aaron is a musician, who looks exactly like Keith Urban and Billy Ray Cyrus combined.

10. The friend groups seem divided.
The dynamic seems to be Brandi and Stephanie vs. Tiffany and LeeAnne. Meanwhile, Cary appears to go between the two groups.

Considering we’re only one episode in, there are plenty more lessons and drama to come — so buckle up and enjoy the ride. “The Real Houswives of Dallas” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m.

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