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10 times Mara Wilson was all of us

Mara Wilson, best known for her roles as Matilda in “Matilda” and Natalie Hillard in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” is the banged-bob cutie that many millennials identify as the little girl they grew up wishing they could be. The now 28-year-old Tisch graduate retired from acting in 2012, noting “film acting is not very fun.” Today, she’s a well-known Twitter scribe (@MaraWritesStuff) and more recently, the author of an upcoming memoir titled “Where Am I Now?” due out September13 from Penguin.

“Broad City”‘sIlana Glazer already signed off on the book, following Wilson’s delightful albeit cameo as a waitress in season three. In her endorsement, Glazer writes what we’re all thinking, “Growing up, I wanted to be Mara Wilson.” Truth.

But are we all still Mara Wilson? Perhaps more often than you’d thing. Here are 10 times Mara Wilson was all of us.

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