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11 unanswered questions from Mayor de Blasio’s Google+ Hangout

Mayor Bill de Blasio took questions from New Yorkers during a Google+ Hangout on Friday morning. Credit: Screenshot Mayor Bill de Blasio took questions from New Yorkers during a Google+ Hangout on Friday morning.
Credit: Screenshot

New Yorkers took to Google+ on Friday morning to ask Mayor Bill de Blasio some questions on his 101st day in office.

Questions during the Google+ Hangout touched on many subjects, including technology, Superstorm Sandy recovery and gentrification. De Blasio answered 12 of those queries and asked his own question to two brothers from the Bronx (“Is it true there’s going to be a hip-hop museum in the Bronx?”).

But the mayor is busy (this is an assumption — his public schedule for Friday only lists the hangout), so he couldn’t answer some questions.

From the serious to silly, here are a few of them:

1. Mayor – I see people people use “De Blasio” or “deBlasio” for your last name, does it bother you when people forget the space in your last name or mis-capitalize it? — Eric

2. I also work in security. How safe is our City in 2014? One more question, who will win the boxing match this weekend? #Energysavers — Steven

3.Mr. Mayor, how successful is the Parking Availability Technology Pilot program adopted by the DOT? Would you consider a cheaper alternative that would reduce NY drivers’ headache when searching for street parking? — Yudhi

4. Where are you? Some of us have horses to care for. Waiting… — Fran

5.What is your position on the US brokered Israeli/Palestinian swap deal that will release Jonathan Pollard from jail? — Jacob

6.How will arts education play a role in your efforts to lower the attention on testing? — Emily

7.How about mayoral control of New York City Transit? — J. C. B

8. That’s a great tie Mr. Mayor… intriguing pattern. (Just an observation) // #Testing — DannyDPurb

9.Do you believe Universities turned real estate developers with huge commercial income should not enjoy non-profit status for such income (NYU, Cooper Union — also see the elimination of the Cooper Union Charter, Columbia)? — Susanne

10.What are the plans to help those who are homeless and living in subway stations? There are several check-points for random, searches throughout stations in all boroughs, but feet away are also homeless men and women not being tended to. — Jenni

11.Mr Mayor — John (also:Hi Bill, — Milciades)

(Previously, de Blasio didn’t answersome questionsduring a RedditAsk Me Anything.)

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