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15 Seconds of Fame app allows you to stay famous at the ballpark

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We live in an era where everything is captured on camera and where that footage quickly finds a home on the Internet – available to view for the rest of eternity.
An exception to that rule involves live sporting events. When you appear on the “Dance Cam” on the jumbotron at a game for a quick five seconds, that’s fun. But footage of your short-lived celebrity vanishes into thin air.
That is until the people at 15 Seconds of Fame devised a way for you to get the clip forever, and to share it with your friends outside of the ballpark. Not only does the company instantly give you access to your video board appearances, it also lets you get access to any on-camera fan experience you have at a live event.
So if you go to a Red Sox game and NESN cameras get a shot of you hauling in a foul ball – you’ll have instant access to that clip.
“The sports landscape is changing dramatically and we have to be mindful of how fans are engaging while they’re attending sporting events,” 15 Seconds of Fame CEO Brett Joshpe told Metro. “They’re on their phone while they are at the events and we offer something that connects them, something that makes going to a live event even more special. Whether it’s a kid attending his first baseball game or the big video board catching someone on the dance cam, we’re able to capture that moment. With the way sports fans act today, I think the timing couldn’t be any better.”
How does it work?
Fans can register with 15 Seconds of Fame simply by taking a selfie. Using the company’s app they then can simply “check in” (much like Facebook) to whatever live event they’re attending on that day.
The company has an advanced tech team that uses biometrics to identify a registered fan at whichever live event they’re attending. When they pop up on a live TV broadcast or the big board – they’ll get the video clip sent to their phone right after the game.

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