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18 pound lobster finds new home in New York

An 18-pound lobster, which is a dream come true for any seafood lover, has dodged a boiling fate and will instead spend its days at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

This lobster is more than 70 years old and was living in the wild until a few weeks ago when it was caught off the coast of Canada. After it was shipped to San Francisco, a seafood distributor granted the lobster a pardon and started looking for its new home.

“When we saw that ad for an 18-pound American lobster, we knew we had to have it,” said Jon Forrest Dohlin, Wildlife Conservation Society vice president and director of the New York Aquarium.

Though far from the largest lobster in the world, this crustacean is the largest ever to live at the aquarium.

“He’s a magnificent creature that has been delighting our guests since his arrival,” said Dohlin.

The lobster, which has yet to be named (we’re hoping for Dr. Claw), eats about three-quarters of a pound of shrimp and fish a day. You can visit him Sea Cliffs exhibit.

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