2 cases of Legionnaire discovered in Bronx apartment building – Metro US

2 cases of Legionnaire discovered in Bronx apartment building

Fourth individual died as a result of Legionnaires' outbreak

A Bronx apartment complex is being investigated by the New York City of the Department of Health since two people contracted Legionnaire’s disease.

ABC reports there was a meeting held notifying residents who live at Tracey Towers on West Moshulu Parkway.

The New York City of the Department of Health describes Legionnaire’s disease as a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria (Legionella) that grow in warm water. Legionnaires’ disease causes flu-like symptoms, and complications from the disease can be fatal.

According to the health department, people can get the disease by “breathing in water vapor containing the bacteria from sources such as cooling towers, showers and hot tubs,” and those who are sick can’t pass it to others.

People who are high risk for disease include people over 50, smokers, those who suffer from chronic lung disease, have weakened immune systems and take medications that weaken the immune system.

Some symptoms of this disease can include chills, coughs, muscle aches, fevers, headaches, loss of appetite, confusion, diarrhea, or fatigue. Health officials advise that anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical attention right away. 

There is nothing that can prevent the disease, but the best way to decrease risks is by checking the water systems. 

ABC reported that tenants can still use and drink the water, but those at higher risks should be taking on these additional precautions: 

– Don’t take a shower, even a cool shower-since it could create water vapor (mist). Instead, take a bath, but fill the tub slowly. Try to minimize your time in the bathroom while the tub is filling.

– It’s fine to wash dishes, but fill the sink slowly to avoid creating mist.

– It’s fine to drink cold water from the tap, but start with cold water when heating water for tea, coffee or cooking.

– Tenants do not need to wear a mask.

– It is important to continue to wash your hands