$280K stolen in Brooklyn rooftop bank heist – Metro US

$280K stolen in Brooklyn rooftop bank heist

$280K stolen in Brooklyn rooftop bank heist
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A large hole in the ceiling and nearly $300,000 in missing money have police searching for at least one suspect in a brazen bank heist in Brooklyn.

The money, about $280,000, along with jewelry and other items from safety deposit boxes, were taken from the HSBC Bank on 13th Avenue in Borough Park sometime over the weekend, ABC7 reported.

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According to the New York Daily News, the bank’s employees discovered the missing cash andvaluables at about 8:30 a.m. Monday when they saw a hole in the ceiling of the vault.

The bank, located in Borough Park, had reportedly been closedsince Friday afternoon. The theft could have occurredthatnight, when the Orthodox Jewishneighborhood was observing the Sabbath.

A ladder was also discovered on the roof. Police, according to ABC7, believe the suspect or suspects may have “cut through a chain-link fence, climbed a ladder to the roof, entered the building through a hatch roof and burrowed through the ceilings into the vault area.”

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