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3 books to get you through Snowstorm Juno

In Some Other World, Maybe
Five lives intersect in "In Some Other World, Maybe."

You’ve stocked up on food and booze. Now all you need is a good book to get you through this storm. Well, it’s as if the book gods knew a storm was a brewin’ because three worth-the-read page-turners were just released in the past two weeks. Get the low-down here:

“In Some Other World, Maybe” Shari Goldhagen
Book critics are fawning over Shari Goldhagen’s sophomore release, “In Some Other World.” It has the whole six-degrees-of-seperation thing going on (similar to “Love Actually”) which combined with Goldhagen’s carefully crafted prose make it so enjoyable to read. The book starts in 1992 with three different groups of teens all going to see the same movie. Adam is a mama’s boy getting ready to head off to college. Sharon struggles to be interested in the things her popular friends want to talk about when she really wants to geek out over comic books. And Phoebe decides to break up with her bookish boyfriend because he doesn’t fit into the new LA life she is imagining for herself. Over the years, their storylines intersect through friendship, sex, fame and even tragedy.

“Whipping Boy” by Allen Kurzweil
The craziest thing about “Whipping Boy” is that it’s a true story. The author attempts to track down his childhood bully, who tormented him while they attended a Swiss boarding school together. His search spans 40 years and he finds out that the bully has grown up to become an international crime and financial fraud leader. The book takes readers on a thrilling ride as the two live out their parallel lives, introducing a cast of fascinating characters along the way.

“The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir Who Got Trapped In An Ikea Wardrobe” by Romain Puertolas
French writer Romain Puertolas has lived in several European countries working various jobs including DJ, singer-songwriter, translator, steward and police inspector. Perhaps its his eclectic background that’s given him his quirky writing voice, which made him a best-selling author in France. In this book, a con-artist hides in a wardrobe in an Ikea store, which is the first event that leads him on a series of unfortunate events. While he’s hiding from a taxi driver dead set on revenge, he makes some unlikely friends along the way, leading to some amusing circumstances.

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