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3 books to make over your finances

Finance books

“How to Run A Business Without Really Trying” by MJ Gottlieb

If you feel like the odds are stacked against you and you can’t become a millionaire because of your starting station in life, this book will change your mind.It highlights entrepreneur MJ Gottlieb’s failures, and how he’s succeeded in spite of them.Gottlieb shows that many greatly successful people have suffered through bankruptcies and other failures but managing to crawl out from the bottom and get back on top. Instead of sweeping his failures under the rug, Gottlieb exposes them in this book so you can learn from them and become a successful business owner in your own right.

“Pocket Man” by Scott Jordan

This unauthorized biography of SCOTTeVEST CEO Scott Jordan shows what it’s really like to quit your day job to pursue an idea you hoping will make you millions. Jordan was a regular guy with a regular job until he appeared on “Shark Tank” hoping his idea of selling clothing made to help people carry their tech devices more easily would pay off – big time. And it did, earning him a whopping $50 million. This book shows how he did it and the secret to coming up with your own $50 million idea. It also addresses questions entrepreneurs will be presented with when starting out making it a good handbook for small business owners.

“Spent: Exposing Our Complicated Relationship With Shopping” by Kerry Cohen

If you don’t like books dolling out advice, use this book of personal essays to learn from others’ mistakes. In “Spent,” women expose their spending habits, whether it’s shopping to heal a psychological wound, make them feel less lonely or celebrate an accomplishment. Seeing what others’ spending triggers are will make you more aware of your own so you can figure out new ways to live. Having a narrative instead of a “how to” format will keep both you entertained and motivated.

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