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3 creative guac recipes to try this Cinco de Mayo

3 creative guac recipes to try this Cinco de Mayo
Chocolate-Covered Katie

With Cinco de Mayo only a few days away, many of us are getting our palettes ready for margaritas and Mexican food. Of course, no Cinco celebration is complete without fresh guacamole.

This year, try ditching the traditional guac and opting for a creative new spin on our favorite Mexican side dish. Read on for three out-of-the-box twists on conventional guacamole.


When you hit the produce stand this weekend, avocados will likely top your shopping list. But who says they have to be part of the guac equation? The truth is that this little green fruit (yes, technically it’s a fruit) isn’t the only stand-out star of killer guacamole.

Katie Higgins over at Chocolate-Covered Katie puts a new spin on the time-honored Mexican dip.

“It’s a low-fat alternative to traditional guacamole, with a secret ingredient that boosts the flavor without all the calories,” Higgins tells Metro.

In this case, the secret ingredient is asparagus. Before you scurry away, she assures that this tasty concoction can also be used as a yummy spread on sandwiches or even in pasta sauce. Don’t believe us? Give it a whirl and find out for yourself.

For the full recipe, click here.


When it comes to get-togethers with friends and family, buffalo wings are already a well-established staple. It isn’t so crazy that these flavors actually translate to a pretty slamming guacamole.

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<p>“This is a crowd-pleasing new take on the traditional guacamole recipe,” says Lauren Brennan ofLauren’s Latest. “It’s got a spicy, salty, creamy kick with the added bonus of bacon.”</p>

<p>Few can argue that life isn’t a whole lot better with bacon. The inspiration for the quirky recipe actually hit Brennan while she was pregnant. In this case, surging hormones led to something way more delicious than pickles and ice cream. For a smoky, garlicky twist on regular guac, this recipe is a must.</p>

<p>For the full recipe, click here.
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<p>Tropical guac loaded with pineapple and mango
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<p>Tropical guac loaded with pineapple and mango
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<p>With lime and cilantro being the primary ingredients of traditional guacamole, it makes sense that other tropical flavors are a natural fit. Deborah Harroun over at Taste and Tell knows how to kick up her guac with the tastes of the tropics.</p>

<p>“This version of guacamole is a great way to transport yourself to a tropical island, with the pineapple and mango starring right alongside the avocados,” she says. “It’s definitely a delicious way to jazz up your guacamole!”</p>

<p>This tangy dip pairs especially well with margaritas.

<p>For the full recipe, click here. 
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