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3 dating tips from ‘Tinder Live!’ star Lane Moore

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Let’s face it, dating in the digital age can be tough at times. Thankfully, Lane Moore is coming to Boston and has a few tips for your next Tinder romance.

Fans will get a chance to swipe along with the comic when her “Tinder Live!” tour stops at the Wilbur Theatre on Wednesday night. During the show, Moore opens up her profile for the audience so they can see in real-time all the whacky messages and occassional catches she encounters on the popular dating app.

“I’m excited to see what people in Boston on Tinder are like,” Moore tells Metro. “I can only hope that at least 20 percent of user profiles have some reference to ‘them apples.’”

Ahead of her stop in the Hub, we caught up with Moore to get her top Tinder tips.

Tip 1: Don’t act too cool for school

“I love a little bit of earnestness,” Moore says. “It’s an awkward situation, so a lot of people pretend that they’re too cool for it.”

Instead of filling your profile with Ron Burgundy quotes or acting aloof, Moore suggest being honest about your expectations with each interaction. Don’t assume that being true to your intentions makes you come across as a loser.

“If you’re a guy who actually wants to meet someone cool, it’s OK to say that,” Moore says. “It doesn’t make you look like a loser.”

Tip 2: Be open about what you want

Make sure to be open about what you’re looking for, especially if it’s something more long-term than a casual hook-up. If you’re afraid about being perceived as someone on the fast track towards marriage, don’t worry about it.

“I don’t think it sends that message,” Moore says. “It’s just like, ‘Hey, I don’t want to get just one crappy drink with you and have sex with you at a club. I actually have some sort of emotional depth.’”

Tip 3: Don’t freak out

While online dating can get frustrating at times, make sure to stay positive.

“It’s just a tool,” Moore says. “You can find great things, you can find crappy things.”

Whether you’re looking for a quick tryst or a new life partner, the key is to remain hopeful and sincere.

“You can find both,” Moore says. “I try not to be cynical about it.”

If you go:

Oct. 11, 7:30 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, 246 Tremont St., Boston, $24, thewilbur.com