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3 hot stock sectors

marijuana, weed, pot, smoke Marijuana stocks are blazing through the market.
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My top students and I have each have accomplished the seemingly impossible, having turned a few thousand dollars in savings into several million dollars all within a few short years. Everyone wants to know how to achieve the same kind of success and so I teach my strategy openly to all those who will listen.
One of the most important rules to growing an account exponentially rather than just the typical 10 to 20 percent per year is to focus on the hottest stock market sectors since to grow your account fast, you need fast moving stocks!

Here are three of the hottest sectors I’m watching:

Hot Sector #1: Mobile internet stocks

The growth in mobile Internet usage has exploded the past few years and the stock prices of companies benefiting from this trend like Yelp and Facebook have similarly exploded. Startups with no revenues or profits but booming user growth like Instagram and SnapChat have become worth billions in record time.

When looking for “the next big thing” in this sector be on the lookout for mobile applications and websites that are simple and fun to use with wide mainstream appeal. Unlike traditional stocks, you don’t have to worry about pesky revenues or profits, so it’s basically a popularity contest and the rewards in this contest are in the billions of dollars. Investors and traders take note.

Hot Sector #2: Marijuana stocks

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, this sector was the single hottest sector in the entire world for the first few months of 2014. Things have cooled down a bit recently as those initial gains could not be sustained, but I fully expect this sector to rise again in the future given the trends and popularity of this “medicine”.

Signs of a comeback will include tremendous press and further legalization news ideally together with uptrending stock prices in all of the most popular marijuana stocks. I won’t mention them here since they are all so speculative, but be ready for when the press picks up this story again and then simply buy the strongest marijuana stocks that get the most positive press and social media mentions.

Hot Sector #3: Apple related stocks

The hottest, most popular technology company on the planet has created a cottage industry of those who speculate on new products, everything from the upcoming iPhone to the rumored iWatch and products that could fundamentally change the health and medicine fields, transportation and home entertainment.

Similar to the marijuana sector, I won’t play the rumor-game as too many do so I won’t mention any specific companies that could benefit from working with Apple on any of their upcoming products. That’s because I’ve never made much money buying rumors given their low odds of success.

For buying Apple related stocks, I will wait for specific product announcements and then act quickly once their new partners/suppliers are confirmed, as the stocks of those companies will benefit greatly in the coming weeks and months on sheer hype alone, no matter if the products are ultimately successful in the long run.

This week’s picks:

1. PostMates is a great new app where you can now get restaurant delivery in the nation’s biggest cities.

2. The U.S. stock market has pulled back some off its highs which is very healthy, we can’t go straight up forever without any pullbacks!

3. Yahoo! Acquired RayV, a startup that focuses on high-quality video streaming – thank God, we need much better video streaming technology!

Up and down:


The US stock market is at all-time highs and there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon to stop the bullish rally.


Brazil getting blown out in the World Cup saddened an entire nation and few could ever rejoice in the sadness of so many hundreds of millions of people.

Timothy Sykes is a millionaire stock trader and entrepreneur. Visit his site at TimothySykes.com.

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