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3 Masters storylines to watch

1 Living up to all the hype

This was only arguably the greatest first round in Masters history. Even if you took out the Tiger Woods drama, what golf fan wouldn’t sign up for this star-studded leaderboard? Anything but a historic, drama queen of a Sunday would be a huge disappoint-ment now.

2 That other guy, you know the one

Ever hear of Phil Mickelson? This obscure golfer known as Lefty, beloved by fans, regarded as fake by his fellow players, swinging to add more green to his closet while his wife battles breast cancer. Ring any bells?

At any other Masters, Mickelson’s 5-under 67 opening round would be the lead story. When Phil all but claimed he purposely hit balls in the water in Houston last week because that’s where the shots would have to go at relatively water-light Augusta, he sounded as sane as Snooki. Now, we must embrace the crazy.

3 Golf Viagra

One glance at this leaderboard and you start to think, ‘Hey, this is the Masters, not a bad movie with Robin Williams and John Travolta.’ While it’s great to see 50-year-old Fred Couples and the 60-year-old, Commodore-64-era star Tom Watson 1-2, they can’t seriously stick around, can they?

Don’t be so sure. At least about Couples. A 48-year-old Kenny Perry should have won this thing last year. Plus, anything’s possible when you’re golfing in skateboard shoes.

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