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3 mid-week book releases worth checking out


Sometimes, a cup of tea and a new book is all you need to transform your mood. If you’re already over this week, tune everything out by getting immersed in one of these new releases. Sometimes, getting caught up in someone else’s drama does just the trick to take your mind off of everything going wrong in your own life.

“Bettyville” by George Hodgman
In this memoir, Vanity Fair writer George Hodgman shares what it was like to leave Manhattan and return to his Missouri hometown to take care of his aging mother, Betty. Hodgman’s relationship with his mom is complex; she never seems to have accpeted him being gay. Besides that, he struggles finding a way to take care of his mom without taking her dignity, a difficult balance so many others know all too well.

“The Tragedy Series” by Benjamin Dewey
What originated as a popular Tumblr is now a hardback collection of humor vignettes that are the perfect mixture of melancholy and sass. There are more than 500 comics in the book, mostly set in the Victorian era, yet with a humor that is very of the moment. No matter how tragic your life may seem, you can at least rejoice in the fact that your roommate isn’t a taxidermist, which is just one of the characters you’ll see in this book.

“Vanishing Girls” by Lauren Oliver
Most Young Adult fans are already familiar with Lauren Oliver’s past novels, “Before I Fall,” “Panic,” and the “Delirium” series. Her latest release, “Vanishing Girls,” comes widely anticipated and is just as haunting. Sisters Dana and Nick become estranged after their parents get divored, each parent taking custody of one. But when Dana goes missing, Nick becomes obsessed with finding her, and unearths many mysterious questions in the process.

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