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3 new books changing outdated views on sexism and gender

If you want to be able to smartly debate why and how sexism exists, the three books on this list are required reading. It can be tricky to write about sexism and gender in a way that doesn’t make your eyes glaze over, but these books get it right. Your eyes will be wide open.

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“Everyday Sexism” by Lauren Bates

The statistics compiled in this book will shock you. One in five women experience attempted or completed sexual assault while in college. Eight-seven percent of American women age 18 to 64 have been harassed by a male stranger. Thirty-one percent of girls age 13 to 17 admit to starving themselves or refusing to eat to loose weight. And it goes on, and on. Over 100,000 women from around the world have shared their stories on EverydaySexism.com or the wildly popular Twitter handle. The book is an easy-to-read compilation of what often goes unseen — at least until now.

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“In Defense of the Princess” by Jerramy Fine

Should you feel bad letting your daughter watch Disney movies and dress up like a princess? Author Jerramy Fine says no. In her new book, “In Defense of the Princess,” she argues how everyone from Cinderella to the Kate Middleton inspire girls to become strong women, not brainless, helpless waifs. She points out things we often forget, like how Ariel rescues Eric in “The Little Mermaid” and Mulan is a skillful soldier and leader. So maybe give yourself a break, and let your daughter put on a tiara.

“Women of Ice and Fire: Gender, Game of Thrones and Multiple Media Engagements” by Anne Gjelsvik

“GoT” fans, this one’s for you. In this book, author Anne Gjelsvik shows the ways “Game of Thrones” is challenging the ways we think of women and gender. Breaking down why Brienne, Queen Cersei, Daenerys and the other women featured in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, she shows that there’s a lot of real life lessons to be learned from this fantasy series.

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