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3 new books to cure your seasonal depression

Seasonal Depression books

This time of year, everything takes more effort than it should. You want to meet up with your friends at the bar? Well, first you have to put on a bunch of layers, go outside in the 32 degree weather and then when you get there, find a place to stash your stuff without someone stealing it. Have a date? Good luck trying to look sexy without freezing. There’s a case to be said for staying in on the weekend with a good book. Here, we round up three picks that will revive your spirit.

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Why They Run The Way They Do” by Susan Perabo
Sometimes when you’re feeling blue, the best cure is seeing how other people deal with obstacles in their own life. “Why They Run The Way They Do” is a collection of 12 short stories of exactly that, from a spinster whose sister gets pregnant to a daughter whose mother seems actually quite relieved to be dying of cancer. It’s a tender reminder that everyone faces hardships — you are not alone.

“Wreck and Order” by Hannah Tennant-Moore
Everyone is talking about this debut novel about a twenty-something trying to break free from her self-destructive patterns and history of tumultuous relationships. It’s about finding the beauty in your mistakes and discovering what it means to be fulfilled.

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“Reasons To Stay Alive” by Matt Haig
“Reasons To Stay Alive” is a memoir about a 24-year-old who was contemplating suicide but somehow pulled himself out of it. Things just got real. His honest — and surprisingly funny — first person account is a reminder that no matter how hopeless life may seem, it really never is.

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