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3 places to pamper your dog in NYC

3 places to pamper your dog in NYC

Few can argue that NYC isn’t home to some of the world’s most pampered pooches. (I’ve literally sat next to a dog getting her nails painted at an Upper East Side nail salon.) But puppy manicures aside, there are more than a few local luxury services dishing out the royal treatment for dogs.

Here a few of the most over-the-top doggy services NYC has to offer.
New York Dog Nanny
126 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Floor
The offices of New York Dog Nanny feel more like a spa for humans than for four-legged friends. The sleek, luxury operation touts grooming services, dog walking, obedience training, pet sitting and more. But it’s really their holistic services that make them a stand-out location.
“Dogs are creatures that, like people, thrive when mentally stimulated,” says Cynthia Okimoto, owner of New York Dog Nanny. “We’re a really quirky staff, and we sing and howl with our pups on a daily basis.”
They also offer relaxation services like reiki to help boost your dog’s immune system. (This is something Okimoto especially loves for aging dogs.) At New York Dog Nanny, don’t be surprised to find animal communication classes on the menu (aka training sessions to help you understand what your dog is trying to tell you). The price lands at $39 for a 20-minute session.
The Salty Paw
38 Peck Slip
If you’re looking to dial up your dog’s style, then The Salty Paw is definitely your spot. Pups have been known to leave this doggy boutique with Mohawks and dyed hair.
“Our team also has expertise in pet-friendly hair dyes for those who enjoy their four-legged friends to have a pop of color,” says manager Janet Carhuayano. “Our coloring skills even caught the attention of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, who commissioned our groom spa to dye and style poodles to match his fall collection at Fashion Week.”
The Salty Paw also specializes in a custom line of all natural grooming products.
Unleashed Spa
218 Avenue B
While some pet owners would rather bathe their own dogs, cramped city apartments can sometimes make that a difficult task. Enter Unleashed Spa down in the East Village, which gives customers the option of using one of their washing stations.
“We provide self-serve dog wash for those customers who prefer to wash the dogs themselves,” says manager Kim Gallagher. “We take great pride in approaching grooming from the customer’s perspective, and I believe that has driven our success.”
For the truly pampered pup, check out the blueberry facial. (Yes, facial.) If you’re looking for an even more concierge experience, Unleashed Spa also makes house calls.

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