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3 reasons to squeeze in a vacation

Peter Handal, CEO of Dale Carnegie Training, on why we loyal, productive employees should do everyone a favor and hit the beach.

It could help your career

Don’t be afraid of missing an opportunity while you’re out of the office. “People are not machines — we can’t run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It really helps your career and helps you get ahead at work when you take a vacation from it,” says Handal.

It could help your co-workers

Sure, they might not appreciate having to watch over your clients or cover your late shift, but in the long run, your co-workers will thank you for taking some time off. “Most people, when they get worn out, they’re not team players,” says Handal. “When you have employees who take their vacation time, you have a more harmonious workplace.”

It could even help your boss

At the end of the day, your boss wants two things from you: A lot of work and as few things to fix as possible. He or she gets both when you take a long weekend. “You have higher productivity when people are rested, and you have less mistakes in that productivity,” says Handal. “People tend to make mistakes when they’re tired, and the product just isn’t as good.”

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