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3 Secrets to managing your time

3 Secrets to managing your time
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Ever since I made my first million nearly 15 years ago, my life, and especially my work, has been insanely busy and only recently have I gotten better at managing my time. You can’t let your crazy schedule get to you or else it’ll hurt your work and productivity. Here are three secrets I’ve learned to manage my time better.

Secret #1: Wake up early & workout
Every single day is a marathon for me as I receive nearly 3,000 emails, have several meetings and conference calls, not to mention I spend the majority of the day trading stocks and making video lessons. By waking up at 5 or 6 a.m., I’m able to get important tasks done before everyone else wakes up and starts bothering me. I’ve also learned that getting in a 30 minute workout in the early morning helps alleviate stress and allows me to work more efficiently over the course of my long days.
Secret #2: Shun TV and video games or make them productive
I know far too many people who spend enormous amounts of time trying to relax by watching TV and playing video games, so much so that it sucks up their time and efficiency. Don’t plop yourself down on the couch with two handfuls of junk food and give into the temptation. If you do, at least make this activity somewhat productive. I can’t help but help watch my terrible New York Giants every weekend, but because I’m almost always disappointed in their performance, I watch the games while working out so I can at least take out my frustration and get healthier as a result.
Secret #3: Prioritize tasks
We are most efficient early in the day so I prioritize my important and favorite projects then, usually right after my workout and breakfast. Despite the pull to reply to emails, text messages and social media within minutes of receiving them,most are not pressing so you can and should respond later on. Focus on your most complex projects and projects that you’re most passionate about first and only afterwards concern yourself with dealing with questions and commentary from others.
Things I Liked:
1.I’m giving away my $100,000+ Porsche for fun and my contest has gone viral!
2.The Ferguson debate is nasty and sad, but we as a nation will get through this and be better as a result.
3.The U.S. stock market just keeps going up and up, I’m making roughly $10,000 per week every single week and I focus mainly on teaching these days.
So many of us in the finance world have enjoyed a record-breaking year, but we’re all so grateful and thankful too, I love when good things happen to good people!
It’s sad that police officer Darren Wilson had to resign due to this whole controversy, but it’s the right thing to do so we can heal.

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