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3 Signs it’s time to dump your day job

Dr. Kristin Cardinale describes “patchworking” as “a freelance career strategy based on the simple idea that working for a number of employers simultaneously presents unique business opportunities and insulates an individual from sudden and total job loss.”

Not a bad deal. Here are three signs that it may be time to dump your day job and set your sights on patchworking.

1 Anxiety plays a significant role in your day.

If stress is a norm in your current position or inherent in your career field, then perhaps you need to consider the repercussions your job may have on your physical health. Regular stress can strain your heart, raise your blood pressure and spark depression, among other things. Patchworkers are committed to seeking out work that is a healthy, inspiring part of their everyday lives.

2 You’ve always wanted more freedom on the job.

If what you crave more than fame or fortune is the ability to live your life on your own terms, then patchworking is the career lifestyle for you. Imagine determining where you work, when you work, who you work with and what your schedule is on any given day.

3 You’re always watching the clock.

If you are a clock-watcher, imagine what your day might be like if instead the work you were doing was aligned with something you felt passionate about. Imagine your life spent doing work that caused time to race by each day because you were in your flow, engrossed in enjoyable activity. This is how a patchworker spends every work day. Smash the clock and never look back; it is a gift you owe yourself.

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