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3 spa trends to try

Spa Week is back! Confused about what treatments you should indulge in this year? We asked the folks behind the weekly pampering fest for the latest in services

Trend: Shirodhara

What: A form of Ayurvedic treatment where warm herbal oil is drizzled onto the middle of the forehead (or third eye) to help you relax and achieve mental peace.

Why you should indulge: “The treatment, which includes a head massage, relaxes face and head muscles and helps people suffering from lack of concentration, insomnia and headaches,” says Nisha Saini, owner of Fine Living New York Ayurveda. She also says it’s great for people who work on computers all day, which adds stress on the eyes.

Try it out at:

New York

Fine Living New York Ayurveda, Inc.

154 W. 14th St, 4th Fl.




4 Rose St.


Trend: Shellac manicure

What: The miracle manicure: CND’s Shellac uses UV3 technology for it’s gel-like polish which requires zero dry time, doesn’t damage your nail and lasts up to 14 days!

Why you should indulge: Because you’re sick of investing in a manicure only to walk out of the salon and discover smudged polish or a chip.

“Shellac has dramatically invigorated the entire nail industry!” says CND Co-founder Jan Arnold of the formulation, which took over five years for their scientist to create. “Nail polish technology hasn’t changed in over 50 years. Problems of chipping, peeling and dulling became an accepted reality of manis and pedis until now.”

Try it at

New York:


387 Sixth Ave.



La Vita Bella Salon & Day Spa

2939 Swede Road

East Norriton, PA


Trend: Facials with your boyfriend

What: Turns out ladies aren’t the only ones who need a spa day, according to the International Spa Association men make up 31 percent of active spa goers.

Why they should indulge: “City skin ages faster! Men should get regular facials to maintain healthy skin; clearing away pollution and signs of daily stress,” says Barry McCaffrey, Director of Clarins Spa Division.

Try it at:

New York and Philly, go to www.clarinsusa.com to find a spa closest to you

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