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3 things to know about Ed Sheeran’s first signed artist: Jamie Lawson

Jamie Lawson
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Everyone’s favorite redhead Ed Sheeran has expanded his role in the music biz by launching his own label, Gingerbread Records, and his first signed artist, Jamie Lawson, has quite a bit in common with him. They’re both British, both singer-songwriters and both have red hair. But while double the Ed would surely make the world a better place, Lawson is his own man. A little more about him here:

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1. He made Sheeran cry. “I cried the sixth time I heard [‘Wasn’t Expecting That],’ Sheeran tells MTV News. The song details a couple’s relationship, from the first time they met until the very last day. “I see it as the musical version of ‘The Notebook,'” Sheeran says. And we have to say, we agree. Just watch the music video for proof.

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2. He’s huge in Ireland. Lawson spent years giging around London before switching things up and moving to Dublin, where people really responded to his music. Lawson tells the BBC that he credits the Irish’s love of story-telling for why they resonated with his music. “Wasn’t Expecting That” became a number one hit in Ireland, and now it’s slowly becoming popular in other countries as well.

3. He’s winning over the teens. Lawson is currently opening for One Direction, and you know what that means — he’s qickly winning the hearts of thousands and thousands of teen girls every night. His laidback music and charm already has him winning over listeners in their 20s and 30s, so this opening gig will really have him winning over the last big demographic. Get ready for superstardom.

Jamie Lawson’s self-titled album is out now.