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3 things to know about Mindy Kaling’s new book

Mindy Kaling

Fans may be mourning the inevitable end of “The Mindy Project,” but just because the show isn’t being renewed doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing any less of Mindy Kaling. The actress/producer isn’t one to sit still long and one of the projects she has in the works is the release of her second book, “Why Not Me?” While it’s not coming out until September 9, here’s what we know already:

1. It will have more hilarious stories straight from Kaling’s personal life.

The success of Kaling’s first book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” was largely in part of her witty story-telling and her second book will have more of those laugh our loud moments. According to the book’s description, Kaling will be sharing stories about friendship, romance and attempting to feel body confident while playing the fame game.

2. It might make you cry.

While we can always count on Kaling for a good laugh, expect her to get deep this time around. Since publishing her first book, her mother passed away and Kaling is also now a godmother, a role she doesn’t take lightly. No one’s life is just about the punchlines, including Kaling’s.

3. It will inspire you to take more risks.

Kaling says the book’s title, “Why Not Me?” is her personal motto and has been the driving force behind many of her career choices. The book will show how she used it to accomplish things other people didn’t think she could do and in turn, you’ll be inspired to prove the haters in your own life wrong.

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