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3 ways to make any school your dream school

It’s this time of the year again where students are struggling with passing exams but also in getting in their dream college. However, many will be sad of having to go to another college, but even though, there are still ways to fight the disappointment. Kristin M. White, author of “It’s The Student, Not The College” and educational consultant shares some of her tops to make it the best experience.

How to make the best college experience possible?

There are a couple of ways to make any college experience the best possible one, even though the college is not the one you chose in the first place. Kristin states that one of them is that “students should find a financial fit to make sure that they do not take on too much debt”. Another one, looking on the college itself is “to focus on the importance of choosing the right classes” where she gives some crucial advice to do so

– Find small seminar

– Choose classes with a lot of readings and writings

– Track the college’s top professor’s classes

– Pick classes that align with other ones so to get the feeling of really learning things across the border instead of just dabbling in a lot of different electives

– Place a lot of value on the content rather than scheduling the course on the timing or on the day of the week

How to take the fact you didn’t get in your dream college?

Kristin believes in the fact that “it doesn’t matter what college you go to, it’s really what you make of it”. Plus studies have shown that students with equal results but from different colleges (from top to not-so-top) get the same job opportunities. Kristin adds that “a lot of students have this idea of a dream college and think it will affect their future or get a better experience than in another college but studies have shown that it really doesn’t matter”

Are there solutions to fight the disappointment, get motivated and make the best out of a college?

It is super important to fight the disappointment, move forward and make the best out of the school you got in. Kristin shares some tips on how to make this happen which are “A campus visit or logging on to the school’s Facebook group, or look at the things they have for new students (such as pre-visit days) are ways to get excited about your future college”. Also, Kristin focuses on how to get the best out of this college, in “choosing the right courses, getting involved in residential campus life where leading a group can help a lot, having interactions with professors and going to visit them, and above all, getting out of your comfort zone by meeting unexpected people (from different backgrounds and countries)”. Who knows, this weirdo might become your future bff?

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