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3 ways to step up your Easter egg hunt


Every kid loves a good Easter egg hunt and the annual game is a fun way to bring the entire family together. So why stop at just one way to play? Here, we round up three new ways to reinvent the game.

The ‘golden egg’ search:

One awesome idea fromInquisitris the ‘golden egg’ search. Give each child one specific color he or she is responsibile for collecting, such as finding all the green eggs or all the red eggs. Hide one golden egg (it can be a candy egg wrapped in gold if you don’t have gold dye). The child who finds the gold eggwill win a special treat prize.

Easter listed hunt:

Give each child a list of a dozen of things to look for, such as a stuffed animal bunny or bag of jellybeans.Once they find everything on the list, give them one final clue, leading to an Easter basket filled with goodies.

Riddle search:

This game is like a scavenger hunt in reverse. Give each child an Easter basket full of paper riddles, which you write yourself. Each riddle is a clue taking them around the house and yard, leading to various Easter treats. At the the end the game, the child will have enough goodies to fill the Easter basket.

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