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31 Days of Halloween: Everything you need to know about Syfy’s fear fest

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The start of October has come to mean Halloween, and for Syfy that means an entire month of some seriously scary movies. Unlike the 31 Nights of Christmas on Freeform that features mostly family-friendly fall favorites, Syfy has packed their lineup with things that go bump in the night. Think you can take an entire month of being scared before bed? Here’s your chance to prove it. To make it even easier to find everything you want to watch, we broke their lineup down so you can skim the full list of Halloween movies offered as well as the 2018 schedule for the  Syfy 31 Days of Halloween on the network.

What you can expect from Syfy 31 Days of Halloween

This network isn’t just airing some old movies. The Syfy 31 Days of Halloween features the season premieres of three of the network’s shows: Z Nation, Van Helsing and Channel Zero: The Dream Door. They are, of course, also airing some classic Halloween movies, but you’ll also see the TV premieres of five original Syfy movies. It’s not just the monsters that are keeping you on your toes this year.

Syfy 31 Days of Halloween: The movies you can watch

Before we launch into the originals and what you can expect from them, here’s a rundown of the fan favorites that made the Syfy 31 Days of Halloween movies:


  • Resident Evil

  • Sorority Row

  • Silent House

  • American Psycho

  • American Psycho II

  • Insidious

  • Cabin Fever

  • Cabin In The Woods

  • Fright Night

  • The Quiet Ones

  • Lights Out

  • Truth Or Dare

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Leatherface

  • The Rite

  • The Possession


Looking for something a little less frightening? You’ll also catch a couple of the Harry Potter movies airing earlier on in the month.

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Syfy 31 Days of Halloween: The original movies

The only problem with fan favorites is that you already know when the scares are coming. Let Syfy spook you with their original movies. We’ve broken down which of the Syfy 31 Days of Halloween movies are originals, and what you can expect from each of them below:

No Escape Room
A father and daughter check out a small-town escape room and discover there’s something sinister about the place. Starring Mark Ghanimé (Reign).


Cucuy: The Boogeyman
A teenage girl under house arrest discovers that the nightmarish urban legend of the Mexican boogeyman, El Cucuy, are true. Starring Marisol Nichols (Riverdale) and Brian Krause (Charmed, House of Purgatory, Sleepwalkers).


When recent college grad Manny has trouble making ends meet, his father-in-law offers him a job evicting delinquent tenants. Manny soon finds himself unleashing a karma demon that stalks him at every turn. Starring Mandela Van Peebles (Jigsaw), Brytni Sarpy (Truth or Dare), and Tony Amendola (Annabelle, Once Upon a Time).


Killer High
Sabrina’s perfectly planned high school reunion goes south when a monster keeps killing all the guests in this horror-comedy. Starring Kacey Rohl (The Magicians, Hannibal), Asha Bromfield (Riverdale), and Varun Saranga (Wynonna Earp).


Dead In the Water
An all-female crew on a boat in the middle of nowhere must deal with an invader on their ship. Starring Nikohl Boosheri (The Bold Type).


Syfy shows premiering during 31 Days of Halloween

No, the premieres of these shows aren’t just happening during the Syfy 31 Days of Halloween marathon. They’re also perfectly suited to the screamfest that is the rest of the programming. Here’s what to expect from the kickoff episode of each show.


Z Nation (Season 5)
Warren recovers from the drone crash with mysterious Cooper; and Doc and the others finally arrive in Newmerica, where they meet George, who is helping form the new country.


Van Helsing (Season 3)
Vanessa is once again resurrected and must confront her family’s legacy. Axel, Scarlett, and the others fend off Blak Tek’s forces, who hope to add Scarlett to their list of lab rats.


Channel Zero: The Dream Door
Newlyweds Jillian and Tom each brought secrets into their marriage. When they discover a strange door in their basement, those secrets start to threaten their relationship… and of course, their lives.


Syfy 31 Days of Halloween 2018 schedule

We’ve already launched into October, but you still have time to catch most of programming for the Syfy 31 Days of Halloween. Check out the 2018 schedule below, bookmark which ones you want to watch and then check on your popcorn supply before you hit the couch.


October 2 (Tuesday)

1:30pm Sorority Row

3:30pm Drive Angry 3D


October 3 (Wednesday)

7:00am American Horror House

9:00am American Psycho

11:12am American Psycho II

1:12pm Finders Keepers

3:13pm Silent House

11:00pm The Purge – Rise Up


October 4 (Thursday)

12:55pm Van Helsing

6:24pm Insidious

8:45pm Jeepers Creepers 3

10:52pm Insidious: Chapter 3


syfy 31 days of halloween 2018 schedule jeepers creepers


October 5 (Friday)

2:00pm Insidious

4:26pm Insidious: Chapter 2

6:55pm Jeepers Creepers 3

9:00pm Z Nation, Season 5 Premiere

10:01pm Van Helsing, Season 3 Premiere

October 6 (Saturday)

9:00am Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

10:54am Cabin Fever

1:00pm Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

3:30pm Wrong Turn

5:00pm The Cabin In the Woods

7:00pm You Might Be the Killer

9:00pm No Escape Room

October 7 (Sunday)

8:30am Wrong Turn

10:25am Fright Night

12:45pm The Cabin In the Woods

October 8 (Monday)

7:30am Nightmare Shark

9:30am The Hollow

7:00pm The Haunting in Connecticut

9:00pm The Vatican Tapes

October 9 (Tuesday)

12:30pm The Rite

3:00pm The Haunting in Connecticut

5:00pm The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

7:00pm The Vatican Tapes

9:00pm The Quiet Ones

October 10 (Wednesday)

6:30am My Soul to Take

8:30am The Rite

11:00am They Found Hell

1:00pm The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

3:00pm The Sandman

5:00pm The Quiet Ones

7:15pm Lights Out

9:00pm The Purge – The Forgotten

10:00pm Lights Out

11:56pm Dementia 13

October 11 (Thursday)

1:06pm Animal

3:02pm Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

4:56pm The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

7:00pm Texas Chainsaw 3D

9:00pm Leatherface

11:00pm The Purge – The Forgotten

October 12 (Friday)

1:00pm Truth or Dare

3:00pm House of the Witch

5:00pm Texas Chainsaw 3D

7:00pm Leatherface

October 13 (Saturday)

8:00am American Psycho II: All American Girl

9:59am American Psycho

12:11pm Insidious

2:34pm Insidious: Chapter 2

5:00pm Insidious: Chapter 3

7:00pm Cucuy: The Boogeyman (Syfy Original)

9:00pm Karma (Syfy Original)

October 14 (Sunday)

9:30am Insidious: Chapter 2

11:54am Insidious: Chapter 3

2:00pm Van Helsing

October 15 (Monday)

8:30am Ominous

10:30am Backtrack

7:00pm No Escape Room

9:00pm Wrong Turn

October 16 (Tuesday)

1:00pm Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

2:55pm Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

October 20 (Saturday)

9:00pm Killer High (Syfy Original)

October 26 (Friday)

11:00pm Channel Zero: The Dream Door

(airs October 26-31)

October 27 (Saturday)

9:00pm Dead in the Water (Syfy Original)