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3D-printed wheelchair revolutionizing transportation

A new way of making wheelchairs promises to revolutionize how people get around.

The GO wheelchair, the brainchild of Benjamin Hubert, director of London design agency Layer, is a made-to-measure piece of design. Wheelchairs are customized by mapping the individual user’s biometric information. This data is then input into 3D-printing software to produce a bespoke foot bay and seat.

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“We listened to the stories of wheelchair users and medical practitioners and then translated those stories into insights that helped us to transform the wheelchair as we know it today,” Hubert said.

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The GO wheelchair includes high tech features that enhances the design. The product is amade-to-measure wheelchair that is manufactured to fit a user’s specific body measurements, weight and disability. The GO app allows users to take part in the design process, and the GO Glove system delivers a significantly improved power-to-push ratio.

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