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4 Instagram IRL books coming out this month

Sometimes, all it takes is a hilarious meme popping up in your feed to transform your day. This month, the hilarity is going next level with four books based on popular Instagram accounts, and they are just as funny in print as they are online.

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“I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies…” by @Betches (out April 19)

There’s a reason the anonymous writers behind @Betches have racked up 3.9 million followers. Their memes are everything you want to say but don’t — especially when it comes to being a single 20-something. “I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies…” is a dating guide that tackles every stage of a relationship, from getting over your ex to “locking that s—t down.” The Betches tell it like it is, which would be harsh if it wasn’t so damn funny.

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“Hot Dudes Reading” by @HotDudesReading (out April 26)

Between the covers of this book are lots and lots of hot guys doing something that melts the hearts of book lovers everywhere: reading — and not on a Kindle. The anonymous New Yorker behind the @HotDudesReading account snaps the candid pics, then adds hilariously witty captions. The book is broken down by subway line and features interviews with some of the hotties who got Insta’ed.

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“Mother, Can You Not?” by Kate Siegel a.k.a. @CrazyJewishMom (out now)

Do you ever get a text from your ‘rents so ridiculous that you can’t resist screenshotting it and sharing it with your friends? Well, New Yorker Kate Siegel took that idea and ran with it, creating a whole Instagram feed of texts from her mom. An example: “You know what would be cool? A grandchild.” In her new book, Siegel tells some of her most embarrassing, yet somehow endearing, stories from childhood, like how her mom was so excited when Siegel got her first period that she basically told everyone. Yep, it happened.

“Sex in the Museum” by Sarah Forbes a.k.a. @curatorofsex (out now)

Chances are your office doesn’t have dildos and pornographic images all over the place. Well, as the curator at the Museum of Sex, Sarah Forbes’ job is a little different. In her new memoir, she lets readers in on what goes on behind the scenes of the world’s sexiest museum. She also shares her own personal journey. Dating in New York City is hard enough — try explaining that your day job has a bounce house made of boobs.

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