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4 new diet books that piqued our interest

We’re all about maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but if you’re struggling with yours, these new books promise weight loss via less conventional rules.

“Bread is the Devil”

Heather Bauer, R.D., C.D.N and Kathy Matthews

Don’t judge the title: You can eat bread! It’s white bread (and cookies, and candy) that fall under the Satanic label. The celeb nutritionist walks you through a plan for identifying and overcoming your own diet derailers.

“The 8-Hour Diet”

David Zinczenko with Peter Moore

The latest from the former Men’s Health editor in chief says it’s OK to eat whatever you want (and however much of it you want) — as long it’s during a specific window of time.

“The Parisian Diet”

Dr. Jean-Michael Cohen

Dr. Cohen is touted as France’s foremost nutrition expert, and here he debunks the popular myth that French people don’t get fat — they’ve just developed winning weight-loss strategies. He advocates following their way of life — long, lingering meals, indulging from time to time — to reach your goals.

“The Plan”

Lyn-Genet Recitas

The author claims that some foods traditionally thought to be healthy, like oatmeal and salmon, could actually make you put on the pounds if you’re intolerant to them. Food intolerance causes inflammation in your body and could lead to weight gain.

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