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40 ounces of rosé is what America is all about

With a glorious four-day holiday weekend ahead, it’s time to kick back and do whatever you feel like. Nothing says decadence like a 40 ounce bottle of rosé — especially one you can get delivered

 FoodKick has now added the Forty Ounce Rosé to its stock for delivery. For $15.99/bottle you can order as many as it takes to throw a “pink 40 party,” as FoodKick suggests. (Cringe.) 


Major weekend news from @foodkick tho we take issue with the spelling

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The Gamay-Cab Franc-Merlot-Pineau D’Aunis blend first debuted in April. It comes America’s way from French winemaker Julien Braud, who sounds really legit, if for no other reason than that he hails from Muscadet, which we recognize as the name of a type of wine. (Our knowledge of the region ends there. Yes, we are ignorant Americans, the type who might throw a pink 40 party, so it works out.)

This doesn’t look safe: 


Rosé and Rooftops #sundayfunday #nyc! #Repost @ktphilpott ・・・ all this wine is gettin’ to my head

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Braud’s company, Forty Ounce Wines, offers additional wines in St. Ides-sized bottles (Elliott Smith rolls over in his grave), including Muscadet — Braud knows his terroir, baby!

Despite any qualms you might have with the concept, at least the 40 ounce drink is well-priced. As Delish.com pointed out, a typical bottle of rosé comes in 750 ml, or 20 ounces of wine, and will run you $15- $20. With this, you get double the rosé for the same price. So there’s that. 

If you get inspired to leave your rooftop party, you can find it at a limited number of wine stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island.  Here’s to being pink millennials living the rosé lifestyle

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