4,000 redwood trees planted in Downtown Brooklyn – Metro US

4,000 redwood trees planted in Downtown Brooklyn


A big green sign that greets drivers from Manhattan coming over the Williamsburg Bridge reads, “Name It…We Got It!” Amongthe many things to which the borough can now lay claim:Adense grove of 4,000 redwood treesin the middle ofDowntown Brooklyn‘s Metrotech Commons. It’s this unlikely juxtapositionthat has brought the trees, with roots in prehistoric timesandknown to grow bigger than theFlatiron Buildingand longer than theBrooklyn Bridge, to this spot steps from Shake Shack.The mini-redwood forest is called “Lost Man Creek,” anart installationby Brooklyn-based artistSpencer Finchthat opened on October 1.It’s a scaled-down (to one hundredth the size) replica of a 790-acre section of California’s Redwood National Park, planted in partnership with the Save the Redwoods League.

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