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4REAL takes stars on journey of discovery

There are so many ways in which people are attempting to bring awareness to certain causes, from walks to benefit concerts and more. One of the most successful ways, though, is to bring in a well-known face like that of a Hollywood celebrity.

4REAL, making its debut on MTV in Canada on Monday, is an eight-part series calling attention to global social issues in some of the most tear-jerking places in the world.

Though some musicians and big-screen actors are stars to us, they’re average Joes when they’re amongst the people and children struggling to survive in places like Peru, Liberia, Haiti and Kenya.

This documentary series is produced and co-created by Vancouver native Sol Guy, and features executive producer/actor Joaquin Phoenix, along with actress Cameron Diaz, actor Casey Affleck and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. Each 30-minute long episode follows young leaders as they affect positive change around the world and highlights the life-altering journeys these celebs embark upon, starting with Diaz’s trip to Peru in the premiere episode.

Both Diaz and Guy travel 18 hours by plane to Cusco, Peru, where they meet with Puma Singona, a shaman (medicine man) of the Quechua tribe.

“Coming on this trip I had no expectations, I had no idea what I was coming for,” says Diaz during her arrival. “I just wanted to be here and experience it.”

Singona takes Diaz and Guy to meet members of the community and teaches them about their culture and history, something Singona is trying to instill and keep alive in his people’s youth.

Diaz and Guy also visit the Andes Mountains of Peru, where Singona takes them to a winter solstice ceremony and shows them one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. It’s something many people will never be able to experience, yet it’s sure to keep you interested every minute of each episode.

Guy joins a different celebrity every episode, from Rio’s City of God with rap superstar and actor Mos Def, to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with actress Eva Mendes.

For details, visit 4REAL.com and mtv.ca.

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