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5 boozy ice pops to make this summer

While sitting poolside or firing up the grill, most of us reach for the same old go-to summer cocktails—frozen margaritas, ice-cold beer and the like. But one beat-the-heat trend we’re loving right now is alcohol-infused ice pops.

It turns out you can pretty much throw any cocktail you like into a popsicle mold and, like magic, you’ve got yourself a boozy “poptail.” While some bars and lounges like Manhattan’s Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar now feature kicked-up ice pops on their menus, making your own is an easy way to put a refreshing twist on your next backyard barbeque.
Read on for a handful of boozy frozen treats to satisfy all taste buds.
Coconut-margarita ice pops
Looking to dial up the traditional margarita? This recipe, which we came across via The Kitchen Prep blog, is an upgraded throwback to a classic summer drink.
“I love these ice pops because they’re a twist on the treats we enjoyed as kids, with a grown-up kick,” says Dianna Muscari. “They’re the perfect way to cool down during the hot summer months.”
Creamy, fresh coconut pairs amazingly well with the tart lime flavor you expect from a margarita. But the real kicker is the shredded coconut garnish on top.
Click here for the full recipe.
Red, white and blueberry cheesecake ice pops
This recipe (created by the “poptail” masters over at Host the Toast) pulls double duty—half cocktail, half dessert. And with vibrant red, white and blue colors, it makes for the perfect 4th of July treat.
The star of this recipe is RumChata, which is a creamy, Caribbean rum liqueur with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. (For a kid-friendly version of these pops, use milk instead.) The crushed-up graham crackers that give this fruity summertime treat a sweet, crunchy kick are also spot on.
Click here for the full recipe.
Cherry wheat beer ice pops
Who says beer can’t get in on the “poptail” action? Summer ales are a natural fit. The good news is that the crew over at Sweet Remedy has a super-easy, delightfully fresh take on cold beer.
The trick is throwing fresh fruit into the mix. This recipe calls for cherry wheat beer (Sam Adams makes a good one), pitted cherries and honey. And instead of using traditional ice pop molds, these frozen beer shots are made using glasses. We can’t help but wonder if ice cube trays would also do the trick.
Click here for the full recipe.

Pina colada ice pops
Nothing says summer vacation like a pina colada. The good news is that this classic cocktail transitions perfectly into boozy ice pop form. It’s also pretty much the easiest recipe on the planet. All you need is a decent pina colada mix and some stemless maraschino cherries.
“These ice pops are a spin on my favorite summer drink and are a perfect poolside treat,” says Kelsey Sapp from the Poofy Cheeks blog.
If you’re feeling whimsical, try adding some fresh fruit to the tops of the popsicle molds. A strawberry-infused first bite is a great touch.
Click here for the full recipe.
Red wine and grape popsicles
I know you’re probably thinking that frozen red wine is weird and possibly gross, but we promise this recipe’s a winner!
While your first instinct might have you reaching for a sweet wine for this one, think again—the recipe actually calls for a bold red wine, like Malbec. The trick is mixing it with grape juice and red grapes.
“The thought for these came to me when I was drinking a glass of Concord grape juice and thought, ‘red wine in this would really make it a whole lot better.’ Blammo! Red wine and grape popsicles were born,” says Trish Bozeman, founder of the Rhubarbarians blog.
Winos rejoice.
Click here for the full recipe.

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