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5 bras every woman needs

Have you taken a serious look at your lingerie drawer lately? Do you still have bras from college hanging out in there? Are those holes in your favorite lacy number? Or is your posture just terrible? It’s time for an edit. We hit up one of our favorite lingerie boutiques, Rigby & Peller, formally known as Intimacy, for five updates to make ASAP. Lingerie styling expert Jennifer O’Connell picks out the essentials.

A convertible bra

Heading to that wedding in Ojai? You’ll want to pack a convertible bra, which is a bra with removable straps that works with a variety of outfits. “It’s a necessity for strapless tops, tops or dresses with one strap and especially racerback tank tops,” says O’Connell. Meaning it’ll take you through the early morning stroll into a late night dance-a-thon.

T-shirt bra

Wearing a white T-shirt to work? A T-shirt bra — a smooth bra you can wear under a thin top without it showing through — will be your best friend. “You don’t want anyone staring,” says O’Connell.


Lets just call this bra the hardest working solider in your squad. “People have a lot of bad experience with strapless bras,” says O’Connell. “But a good strapless should keep you comfortable and contained for the duration of your event.” Her tip to finding the best fit: You want to have a firm back band — 100 percent of the support is coming from the band — and the right cup size so you’re not spilling out.

Sports bra

If you’re hitting the gym, O’Connell recommends going for a cup-sized sports bra instead of the low-impact ones which are sized small, medium or large.
“You want cup separation just like with your regular bra, and extra support when you’re doing physical activities,” she advises.

A statement bra

You know, that hot-pink lacy number or floral demi cup that makes you feel like Anita Ekberg in “La Dolce Vita.” “These are your confidence boosters,” says O’Connell. “Maybe you’re the only one who is going to see it, but it will make you feel good all day. And if your strap shows, you’re like ‘yeahhh.’”

Why you need to schedule a fitting

Sorry, most of us aren’t the standard 34B that big-box stores carry, and wearing a bra that fits you well is crucial. According to O’Connell, most women who aren’t getting the proper support complain about the following: back pain, poor posture, shoulder pain, headaches and insecurity. And wearing an ill-fitting bra can contribute to future sagging. Her advice: If you haven’t already, make an appointment at a lingerie boutique for a fitting to make sure you are wearing the right size bra. Rigby & Peller sells bras in band sizes from 30-46 and cup sizes A-K.

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