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5 Easy ways to make some extra cash


Most Americans are looking for a way to make a quick buck. You might need cash to make it until your next paycheck. You may need the extra money to pay off your debt at a faster clip. Whatever the reason you need money, here are five easy ways to make some extra cash.

Check Your State for Unclaimed Money

Every state treasury holds money that has been undeliverable to its residents. Think paychecks or insurance payouts that couldn’t make their way to you because you had moved and the issuer didn’t know your new address. 

Regardless of what happened, your unclaimed money ends up with the state treasury. You can search your state by visiting Unclaimed.org.

Check Your Credit Card Statement

You should always check your credit or debit card statements, first and foremost because you may catch fraudulent or duplicate charges. In a way, reporting these charges and receiving the refund on your statement is akin to bringing in extra income. 

In the same way, you should always check your credit or debit card statement for recurring charges, such as subscription services. If you’re not using that service on a regular basis anymore, or if it doesn’t add enough value to your life, you can cancel, which will put extra money in your pocket next month.

Negotiate Your Salary 

Negotiating your salary is one of the biggest wins you can achieve. Some companies will only dole out raises when it comes time for performance review. Otherwise, if you’ve contributed in a big way, ask to talk to your boss or manager about upping your compensation. Not only will this make your paycheck bigger today; it will also up the bar for every other future pay raise you receive. 

Hit Resale Shops

Gather up all your gently used clothes that you’re not wearing anymore and take them to your local resale shop. You won’t make a lot of money per item, but if you have a good haul you could reasonably walk away with $25-$45 in your pocket. 

Consignment shops are another option, and may even reward you more generously for your wares. But you typically won’t get any money until after the item sells, making resale shops — which buy your items on the spot — more expedient. 

There are online versions of the resale model, too. You can sell your clothes on Facebook Marketplace, send them in to threadUP or list the items on Poshmark.

Pick up an Outdoor Side Hustle

Even in a virtual world, there are so many side hustles you can pick up outside the home: Drive for a service like DoorDash or Postmates, become the neighborhood’s official dog walker, do landscaping chores for your neighbors, etc.


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