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5 email tips sure to make your work life easier


If you think there’s nothing more to email than just typing a message and hitting send, then, well, you’re doing it wrong. Here, Google experts school us on the game-changing — and time-saving — tips, tricks, and shortcuts you never knew email could do.

Never send an accidental email

Even the best of us sometimes type someone’s name wrong or forget to include an important detail. With Undo Send you finally have time to prevent any embarrassments.

  • Click gear at top right
  • Select settings
  • Click Labs tab
  • Find Undo Send and select the Enable radio button
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Mute group emails

We’ve all been on an email thread that just keeps popping up.
But did you know you can mute it? Don’t worry — muting doesn’t delete, it simply archives the message.

  • Click the drop-down arrow at the top of the email thread and select Mute.

Unsubscribe to unwanted emails

Every time you report spam, Gmail’s filter adapts to your definition of unwanted mail and does a better job of catching similar types of messages. Gmail will also ask you if you want it to unsubscribe you at the same time.

Find missing emails in seconds

Find the exact message you’re looking for by using Gmail’s advanced search options.

  • Click the dropdown arrow in search box to search by sender, size, date, attachments and more.

Don’t stress if you forget to sign out

While you should always sign out of your Gmail account when using a public computer, if you ever forget, Gmail has you covered.

  • Scroll down to the bottom right corner of Gmail
  • Click Details
  • Click Sign Out All Other Sessions

This content is brought to you by Inbox by Gmail, designed to work for you and built with your phone in mind. Some key features include:
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•Snooze – schedule messages or reminders to resurface in your inbox at a later date

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