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5 gadgets to protect you from sharks, concussions, mosquitos

shark attack surfer surfing big wave julian wilson australia The SharkStopper claims to protect anyone in the water from shark attacks.
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The medical industry is inundated with devices looking after all aspects of your wellbeing, from monitoring your sleep patterns to warding off shark attacks. We round up some of the quirkiest, most helpful tech gizmos that just hit the market.

1.Mosquito-repelling bracelet

Say goodbye to itchy bumps from nasty mosquitoes: That’s the role of Invisaband, a bracelet made from geraniol oil, which promises those bugs will stop biting you. With this accessory, mosquitoes’ ability to sense their next feast (you) is neutralized, and you won’t have to deal with messy and strong-smelling sprays. Available on Indiegogo, packages range from one pack of five Invisibands for $19 to 1,000 bands for $1,600.

2. An app that monitors your glucose

Here’s a way to manage diabetes in the digital age: Use your smartphone to monitor your blood glucose levels. The Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System from iHealth records all of your glucose readings within the app’s logbook, eliminating the need for manual records. It also tracks the quantity of your test strips. The device runs in iOS and Android and costs $29.95 (test strips sold separately).

3.A device fora better night’s sleep

Most of us don’t wake up refreshed because our sleep patterns are out of sync. Slumber tracking device Withings Aura attempts to solve this dilemma by monitoring our sleep through body movement, breathing patterns and heart rate analysis. It requires the combination of an app and bedside device that examine sound, temperature and light levels. Out now, the unit is priced at $299.95.

4.High-tech clip sensor prevents concussions

Many athletes suffer from head injuries. The Jolt Sensor clip was developed to prevent concussions during games and training by monitoring the wearer’s movements. If there’s an imminent threat of such a head injury — or when it indeed happens — the gadget will vibrate and wirelessly send a message to referees, coaches and medical staff.The device was created by Ben Harvatine, of Missouri, after he suffered from a concussion while wrestling. It is now available on Kickstarter, priced at $100.

5. An ankle strap that wards off sharks

If you’re afraid of sharks, you’ll be thrilled to know you can return to the beach with a wearable gadget that can repel any approaching sea life (according to the device’s creators). The SharkStopper uses an unique acoustic frequency that can repel multiple species of sharks up to 60 feet away. The device’s inventor, Brian Wynne, guarantees that the sound emitted is safe, having undergone tests in seven shark locations around the world. Now listed on Kickstarter, the SharkStopper will cost $275 per unit and go on sale at the end of the year or early 2015.

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