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5 minutes with: Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne, the 2010 Role Model Grand Marshal of the Vancouver Pride Parade, is the first transgendered actress with a reoccurring role on a network show. She played a transgender character in the television series Dirty Sexy Money on ABC.

What do you hope to accomplish as this year’s Role Model Grand Marshal?
When I first started performing, being a role model wasn’t something I set out to do. When you’re going through a transformation like what I did, there is a lot of personal insight that you gain. It’s an honour to be a role model, and I cherish and embrace it. I hope to inspire people to find out who they are and to follow their dreams.

Who is your role model?
As personal role models, they would be my parents. They will be here with me for this year’s Pride Parade, too. I was raised in an amazing environment where I was allowed to be what I wanted to be. I could play with dolls or wear a dress and not be judged. They supported everything I did.

What is the LGTB community like in Vancouver compared to those in other major cities?
New York is very gritty and in your face. In Vancouver, everyone is friendly and very respectful. They are very gracious people who want to have fun and enjoy their lives. When you live in a place like Los Angeles, you get used to seeing the same people come to your shows and I sometimes forget there are other people in the world that appreciate what I do as well. So I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Vancouver.

Do you find there is a stigma toward transgender actors and actresses?

Yes, there’s always going to be a stigma, at least for right now since it’s a new thing the world and industry is focusing on. When you’re trail-blazing, you have to expect that. I can’t be mad about it.

What is something no one knows about you that you are willing to share?
I am obsessed with beach volleyball after I started playing about a year ago. It is not really that juicy information, but my life is really an open book. I’m open about who and what I am.

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