5 minutes with: Demonika – Metro US

5 minutes with: Demonika

Metro Edmonton caught up with Demonika, a.k.a. Danika Challand, creator of Symphony of Horrors, prior to her latest show, Demonika’s Conventia De Mentia, coming to Edmonton Sunday.

How did the last show in Edmonton go?

The last show in Edmonton was Demonika’s Symphony of Horrors 5 at The Starlite Room on March 27 and that went really well for only our second show in Edmonton. We had about a quarter more people than the previous year and that made for a very busy club. Each time we come to town we try our best to let the underground public know that we offer something unique that Edmontonians wouldn’t normally have the chance to see or experience.

How is Edmonton as a market?
Edmonton is an amazing city with a very strong underground community. With several underground venues going strong, it’s almost more enticing than looking at Calgary’s poor track record of defunct underground clubs. We feel very happy to be accepted with open arms by those clubs as well as by those who have come down to the shows and those who have recommended us to their friends. It takes time for something like this to establish itself, but with perseverance we are confident it will happen.

How is this show going to be different from the last?
Conventia De Mentia is a completely different show than Symphony Of Horrors even though they are both cabaret styled events following the tradition of burlesque, travelling freak shows, performance artists, acrobatics, alternative lifestyle, fashion, and body piercing. So, for this show, not only are there men and women going to extremes for the sake of entertainment, but we incorporate live local musical acts including Edmonton’s own Fuquored and The Get Down. We are also at a bigger venue, Oil City Roadhouse, and since we are the opposite of their usual clientele, we are really looking forward to giving them something to talk about.

Where can people get tickets and how much are they?
The show is $10 at the door and it’s free to any artists or VIPs at the Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival. Oil City has also stepped up and added a free appetizer buffet, too. So between the show, the booze, the food, and let’s face it — the women — its going to be one hell of a night.

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