5 minutes with: Feast or Famine – Metro US

5 minutes with: Feast or Famine

Metro Edmonton chatted with Feast Or Famine’s Matt Kerby, Paddy Sperling, Kyle Shabada and Kevin Klemp. Feast Or Famine is playing a CD release show Nov. 11.

Being a local band, was calling your latest project Edmonton & Co. a way of showing your support for the local community? What exactly were your intentions with the name?
Yes, Edmonton & Co. was definitely homage to the local music and art scene. Over the years of playing, we have made many friends and supporters and feel that it’s a scene with a lot of talent and heart. A scene that maybe people take for granted sometimes. We are happy to be from Edmonton and involved in building a positive and inclusive music community. Our intentions were pure.

Can you tell me what the song on the new album Cowboy Trail is about?

Cowboy Trail is about a time when I (Kevin) spent a lot of time working for an oil field parts delivery company. I had a lot of chances to see the oil and gas industry and how it operates. I found it interesting that Highway 22 used to be referred to as “The Cowboy Trail.” The song is really about the divide between the pioneer/folk throwback of yesteryear, one more based on living off the land, and the now prevalent oil industry, which seems to be devouring the natural beauty that the Cowboy Trail was once named for.

How long have Feast Or Famine been together?
We’ve had the current lineup since 2007. Couldn’t be happier. Great bunch of musicians and friends.

What do you think of the local music scene? Who are some of your favourite local bands?
We are all really excited about the growing local scene here and about trying to further the sense of unity and camaraderie. It’s fantastic.

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