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5 minutes with: Geri Hall

Geri Hall is the throaty-voiced redhead on the Halifax-based comedy show 22 Minutes. The show, with Hall, Mark Critch, Cathy Jones and Gavin Crawford, has opened its 18th season on CBC with episodes airing Tuesday nights. We spoke to Hall about the show, its longevity, and even handcuffs.

Who is the funniest cast member?
We’re all very different, and funny is in the eye of the beholder, but one of us definitely smells the funniest and one of us is definitely the funniest looking. There’s one clear standout in my mind for funniest in the head, but our challenges notwithstanding, I’d say we’re all equally comical.

Who is your favourite person to impersonate?
Someone who is good at these interviews, and Shakira.

What can fans expect this season?
Well, Cuddy and House are in love but you can expect some complications … but you meant on 22 Minutes: Hilarity, controversy, parody, more road pieces with politicians. And we all lost weight and got highlights this summer so that’s nice, too.

After 18 seasons, how do you keep the show fresh?
One of the most exciting things is we got some really cool new technical elements that were added to our set that are going to give the show a more authentic news look. But for pure freshness, I always trust Febreze.

You were handcuffed by the prime minister’s security detail — is there any other politician you’d like to handcuff you?
Is Viggo Mortensen considered a politician? No, then Gilles Duceppe. French Canadians have this confidence and sexiness that the rest of us can’t seem to muster so easily. They keep on threatening to leave us and that just make us want them to stay more, doesn’t it?

Ever worry you’ll run out of politicians to make fun of?

Yeah, it keeps me up at night for about one second, then no, not at all.

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