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5 minutes with: Kimberley Jev

Kimberley Jev is the creator, director and editor in chief of www.calgaryfashion.ca.

What made you want to start Calgary Fashion?

A while back I noticed a gap in online reporting of fashion in the city and I thought, “There we go, people say there’s no ‘fashion’ in Calgary, now I can just show it instead of getting upset at ignorant remarks.” The site would speak for itself and for the industry that exists in Calgary.

Explain how it’s grown over the last few years.
Well, it all started with one, which was me, then went up to a team of six and now we are a full house of photographers, fashion journalists, videographers, and so much more … It’s now grown into this media company that not only reports, but promotes events and shows in the city.

How do you use social media to spread the word about fashion?
We use social media because it’s exactly that — social. Fashion is a social affair; it just makes sense. Social media has opened us up to so many people, not just in Calgary, but around the world … It’s an exhilarating feeling knowing people across the way in Australia, for example, are taking in the information, seeing the hard work that goes into Calgary Fashion.

What are your hopes for Calgary and its fashion industry?
I’d like to see more boutiques in the city. I’d also like more up-and-coming designers from Calgary to strive for placement in stores around the city and across the country. I know it’s not easy, but designers really have to think about taking it one step further. It’s one thing to show at fashion weeks, but what good is a fashion show without being able to purchase a collection or pieces of a collection from a store based in your city?

What’s a hot trend in Calgary right now?
The fashion mantra we constantly send out to Calgary is that trends come and go so we don’t pay too much attention. The challenge is to develop your own style without fear, because originality and individuality is the mark of true fashion … A more conscious approach to fashion is what we think is Calgary’s hottest trend right now!

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