5 Minutes with Rich Aucoin

Rich Aucoin, 26, is a mainstay of the Halifax music scene, having grown up here. On Sunday, he and his catchy pop hooks open for the Black Eyed Peas on the Halifax Commons.

For someone who’s never seen a Rich Aucoin show, how would you describe it?
Like an eight-year-old’s birthday party with booze.

How has living in Halifax influenced your music?
Since it’s a smaller music community, but a really strong one, everyone overlaps each genre and scene. It’s really cool here because it doesn’t happen in places like Toronto — the indie rock crowd doesn’t roll with the folk crowd, or the punks. There’s a lot more crossover here.

You took your first record, Personal Publication, on tour by going across Canada, raising money for cancer research.
I made it across the country, raised a few thousand dollars of donations. There was another guy who did a bike for cancer, too — not a musician — and I described him as the Goliath. He had a big van behind him with support and corporate sponsors, and I was there with my trumpet and my trailer full of keyboards.

What does playing the Halifax Rocks Concert mean to you?
It’s where I used to play soccer, so it’s going to be fun being in the same spot. I’m really looking forward to playing a big show like that. And I grew up a big fan of Weezer, so I’m really looking forward to shouting out “Say It Ain’t So” really loud.

Aucoin’s next EP, comes out Sept. 4.

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