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5 minutes with: Singe the clown

Fright Nights at Playland — one of the most popular and terrifying Halloween events in Vancouver — opens for another season next week. It features haunted houses and mazes, torture devices, and a sordid assortment of meandering ghouls and goblins including Fright Nights feature freak, Singe the Clown, who took time out of his schedule to speak with Metro.

How did you get so pretty?

When I was a little boy I grew up in a circus. I was never a very good clown. One day I decided to put on a huge show of fireworks in a hat. The fireworks all went off at the same time. It sent me flying backwards and left me with a piece of my head missing. Now I put on shows every year with demons and ghosts. It’s very fun.

What are some of the most extreme reactions people have when they see you?
Where do I begin? I’ve been kicked in the face, kicked in the groin. People steal my hat. People scream back at me.

There’s something about children’s toys gone bad, creepy nursery rhymes and deserted playgrounds that’s scarier than monsters, ghosts and murder scenes. Why is that?
I like to thank Chucky and the movie It. I think they’re scarier because everyone has had (a toy) and people (are) … emotionally attached to them. They forget the world they lived in when they were children.

Why do people put themselves in the position to be scared, like by going to Fright Nights?
When else do you have the chance to get chased by demons or evil monsters (in relative safety)?

Tell me about your fellow ghouls at Fright Nights?
There are the (ghouls) from the monsters of flock freak show, Luther from the Haunted Mansion, there’s an insane asylum with crazy doctors and scientists. Hollywood horrors has famous evil characters like Freddy and Jason, and there’s a bunch of demons that have come up from the bottom of the Earth.

Where can people find you?
I’ll be (doing a show) starting 6 p.m. I’ll be walking out and introducing everyone and then will let my monsters free.

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