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5 National Hot Toddy day recipes to warm you up

Saturday, January 11th, is National Hot Toddy Day! The Scottish drink was created all the way back in the 1700s. The origin of this drink isn’t clear, but originally, the drink was prescribed by doctors to cure ailments, according to nationaltoday.com

The warming drink is made with a variety of booze, honey, lemon, water and a cinnamon stick. If you don’t feel like going out to celebrate this Hot Toddy season, here are a few recipes you make at home: 

Milagro Anejo Hot Toddy


1.5 parts Milagro Añejo

1 part Agave nectar

4 cloves

1 cinnamon stick

1 whole anise star

4 parts of boiling water

1 lemon wheel


    Combine agave nectar, spice, and tequila in a heat-resistant mug. Add the boiling water. Squeeze the lemon, drop it in, and stir until agave nectar has melted.

    Johnnie Walker Black Label Hot Toddy


    1.5 oz Johnnie Walker Black Label

    0.5 oz Lemon Juice

    0.5 oz Honey

    3 oz Hot Water


      Combine all the ingredients in a brandy glass. Stir lightly to mix. Garnish with a sprig of roasted rosemary, and an orange peel spike with cloves. 

      Singleton & Spice

      This cocktail was created by Mixologist Eric Ribeiro. 


      1.5 oz The Singleton of Glendullan 12 Year Old  

      4 oz Hot Water

      0.5 oz Honey

      0.25 oz Lemon Juice


        Add all ingredients in a Mug glass and garnish. Garnish with a lemon wheel spiked with four cloves, cinnamon stick. 

        Peach Toddy 


        2-ounces Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom

        1 Peach Teabag

        1 Large Lemon Wedge

        1 Tbsp. Honey

        1 Cinnamon Stick

        1 dash Orange Bitters

        4-5 ounces Hot Water


        Add Ketel One, bitters, teabag, cinnamon stick, and honey to a mug. Top with 4-5 ounces of hot water and stir to dissolve honey. Let sit for 3 minutes, then remove the teabag. Squeeze large lemon wedge into a mug and discard. Stir to incorporate all ingredients. Garnish with a lemon wheel, in glass, and enjoy

        Tito’s Hot Pecan Toddy


        2 oz. Toasted Pecan Infused Tito’s Handmade Vodka

        Hot water

        ½ teaspoon honey

        Lemon slide squeezed

        Cinnamon stick and cloves for garnish


          Add infused Tito’s, one squeezed lemon wedge, and hot water to a heat resistant glass. Stir in the honey and garnish with cloves and cinnamon sticks.