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5 places to get your weekday workout downtown

Barry's Boot Camp. Credit: Andrew Wang Watch yourself work out at Barry’s Boot Camp.
Credit: Andrew Wang

Whether they’re brand new facilities with hefty price tags or just public territory, the downtown area is bursting with opportunities to break a sweat. Here are a select few of the most popular spots in the ‘hood.

Equinox: Equinox is known for its national domination and luxurious facilities. But this fall the high-end workout wonderland is taking it outside the gym walls. Equinox’s new running programs include Balanced Interval Training Experience, or B.I.T.E., which allowing runners of all abilities to run right, hurt less and burn more. B.I.T.E. ditches the treadmills and makes cardio a group program that still provides the calculable data of typical gym exercise. Head on over to the spa post-workout for a pumpkin enzyme facial to revive skin from one too many days on the beach this summer.
(225 Franklin St., 617-426-2140, www.equinox.com)

Barry’s Boot Camp: For those looking to burn upwards of 1000 calories in an hour, Barry’s Boot Camp is a high-intensity workout that caters to busy Bostonians with a serious desire to sweat it out. In one year of being opened at their Chauncy Street location, they’ve had 40,000 total guests through the doors, which measures out to roughly 102,250 miles run overall. While the $28/class price tag sounds brutal, lots of people are willing to foot the bill for this home run of a workout.
(30 Chauncy St., 857-350-4019, www.barrysbootcamp.com)

Rock N’ Fitness: Housed in the former Planet Fitness space in Government Center, Rock N’ Fitness fulfills the no-frills type of gym for those looking to stay in bargain mode ($10-$20 a month). Classes like kickboxing and aerobics complement traditional rows of machines for exercisers looking to get in and get out in under an hour. And of course, for those looking to complete part of the famous “GTL,” Rock N’ offers unlimited tanning for members.
(Washington Mall, One Washington St., 617-248-8611)

B/Spoke Indoor Cycling Studio: For corporate types looking to let out a little aggression after a day of cubicle life, B/Spoke Cycling Studio is a 2000 square foot space that offers 45, 60, and 75-minute-classes meant to cater to the rider’s mind, body and spirit. While a single class will set you back $27, multi-class packages can be bought to cut down the price.
(101 Federal St., 617-951-9900, www.bspokestudios.com)

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway: For those whose budgets run a little slim, the Greenway is packed with opportunities for workouts, ranging from jogs through the lush greenery that connects the North End to the Financial District and South Station area to occasional free workout classes. Stroll the weaving walkways or join in on boot camps after you take off from work.