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5 predictions about Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ music video

Taylor Swift
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Last night, Taylor Swift revealed on Instagram that her “Wildest Dreams” music video will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards, this Sunday. And while the hype is nowhere near “Bad Blood” level, Swift is a perfectionist, so you know the video is still going to be pretty epic. Here are some things we expect to happen:

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1. She’ll revisit her fairytale roots. Swift’s first three albums were all about happily ever afters and believing love is a fairytale. A couple heartbreaks later, Swift is a little more bitter about love, but “Wildest Dreams” still has remnants of fairytale imagery with lyrics like “Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe/red lips and rosy cheeks, say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.” Expect Swift to get all dolled up for this one.

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2. The hot dude won’t be blond. In the past, Swift has featured both burnette and blond babes to play the love interest in her music videos. She doesn’t discriminate. Since she’s currently dating blondie Calvin Harris, fans may expect for her “Wildest Dreams” lovah to be blond. But since the song is about a relationship ending, we expect for her to cast a burnette since there’s a good chance the song is about her last ex, Harry Styles.

3. She’ll change outfits five times. Swift loves experimenting with different looks in her music videos. She’s not one to turn down the chance to put on a beautiful ballgown that the average person would never get to wear in real life. We expect multiple outfits changes for this dreamy vid.

4. Her #squad will sit this one out. Who wasn’t in the “Bad Blood” video? While Swift’s friends are always happy to join her on stage or in a music video, we predict this one will only feature two people: Swift and her guy. “Bad Blood” was about frenemies. This one is about a relationship.

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5. It will be emotional.Swift doesn’t hold back about how much breakups hurt and “Wildest Dreams” is her chance to express that through art. It’s about to get real.

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